Hotels and Hostels

Hotels and hostels in Tajikistan combine five-star elegance with Tajik heritage, architecture and ancestral wisdom. The hotels of our city Dushanbe radiates a vibrant culture, cuisine and character of its environment, while maintaining the sophistication that can be expected from the leading hotels in the world.

We cooperate with both independent hotels and large hotel groups and hotel chains in Tajikistan: Hayatt Regency 5*, Hilton Dushanbe Hotel 5*, Atlas Hotel 4*, Hello Dushanbe Hostel, Khujand Deluxe Hotel 4*, Parliament Hotel 5*,  Grand Hotel Khujand 4*,  Umarien Hotel 3*, Sugd Hotel 3*, Chinor Hotel 3*, Rokhi Abrish 3*, Karon Palace 4*, Pomir Hotel 2*, Lal Hotel 3*, Serena Hotel INN3*.

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