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Travel Highlights of Tajikistan

Tajikistan may be the smallest country in Central Asia, but it is home to the region’s highest mountain peak, Ismoil Somoni (7495 meters) and the largest glacier outside the polar regions – Fedchenko Glacier. Over 50% of Tajik territory lies at 3000 meters or more above sea level. Cities like Dushanbe, Khujand, and Penjikent reveal to the travelers the rich Persian heritage of the country. Locals once called the Pamir mountain range the “Roof of the World,’ and later during the period of intrigue called the Great Game – Western explorers, and British spies adopted this term. The Pamir highway, or simply M41, is the second-highest highway in the world and reaches up to 4,655 meters. The views and scenery throughout the entire journey are simply unbelievable. Driving on this road one can experience the long journeys of the Silk Road merchants, imagine the spies of the Great Game and spend nights in simple homestays in villages that were built during Soviet times. Another highlight of Tajikistan is to go trekking in the Fann mountains, passing by beautiful mountain lakes, one of which is named after Alexander the Great, who once reached this point. The Tajik national language is of Persian origins and Tajiks are very proud of their rich Persian literary heritage. If you would like to know more about Tajikistan’s travel highlights have a look at our pick of top places to see in Tajikistan.