Alauddin Lakes

The Alauddin Lakes are a group of reservoirs upstream in the Pasrud valley. All the lakes are situated on the steps of ancient and modern moraines. Pure, clear water pours from one step into another and the level of water in the lake remains constant. There are no fish in the lakes. Only the most experienced and adventurous will bathe in the water for any length of time since it is very cold.

It is possible to set up a base camp not far from the astonishingly blue Alauddin lake. Along all of its shores there are juniper forests and the reddish 2km-long Chap-dara Wall overlooks the splendour below and its large rock falls. If you climb the Alauddin Lakes Pass then you will see the lake in all the various shades of blue: from light-blue near the shore to dark-blue in the middle with clear borders separating the various shades.


The location of Sarez Lake in Tajikistan:

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