Fann Mountains & Pamir Tour

This trip will lead you from Dushanbe to Bishkek. Little-visited Tajikistan is barely on the tourist radar but those that make the effort to visit will be rewarded with some of the most pristine and precious landscapes on the planet.

Not only will you gain an insight into the diversity of Central Asian culture, you’ll explore Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan’s rich heritage. And of course, we must not forget the great outdoors – and this tour includes a plethora of opportunities to be amazed by some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.



Go for a sightseeing tour in charming Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan

Hike in the scenic Fann Mountains

Drive through the majestic Pamir Mountains

Visit the ancient fortress Yamchun located at the heart of the Pamirs

Enjoy the view of Peak Lenin (7’134m) from Tulpar Kul Lake

Climb up sacred Suleiman Mountain in Osh

Experience the hustle and bustle of oriental bazaars

Discover Bishkek, the greenest capital of Central Asia